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"Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication"

- Leonardo da Vinci


Tiramisu & Me

Tiramisu, means "pick me up"or "cheer me up"in Italian.  It is a light, fluffy and delicate desert made with mascarpone cheese, whipping cream, eggs, coffee, and a generous splash of liquor, before finishing with thick layer of dark cocoa powder.

Our base design is extremely flexible, with premium alcohol sourced from all over the world holding starring role.  At "All About Tiramisu", we select only the highest quality ingredients, with an uncompromising eye towards provenance, taste and balance.  Each item on our menu is painstakingly conceptualized, tested for equilibrium and iterated for months until it is absolutely uncompromising.

All About Tiramisu views Tiramisu as a light-hearted, and entirely wholesome experience.  Over time, we have found "you are what you eat" is a design principle that also results in the 'long term tastiest' creations.  In keeping with this philosophy, all our packaging is both frustration free as well as sustainable.  "Beautiful inside and outside" is what we aspire to as a firm. 



From our flagship store in the heart of Orchard Road to your home, All About Tiramisu is pleased to offer our desserts at your homes and offices for birthday parties, weddings, corporate celebrations or just a get together between close friends.

Inquire now and let us know your needs.  We are happy to design bespoke creations for those special events and lasting memories

"Nowadays, food needs to be healthy, local, sustainable, and not filled with too much fat, salt and sugar. It should be slow cooked and seasonal. That's my vision."

- Alain Ducasse-


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